Hosting Linkerd2 images in an ECR pull-through cache compatible registry

Hello! I was wondering if there were any plans of hosting Linkerd2 images on ECR Public or another ECR pull-through cache compatible registry like quay or As we’re all aware, Linkerd acts as a backbone to many of our k8s workloads and if we’re unable to pull those images, e.g. during this 4/27 Github outage, a production outage is imminent.

I understand we can use our own private registry but that brings along more operational overhead to set up an automated process to routinely pull down the latest linkerd images and push them to our own registries.

Hi @jmorganwalker! Unfortunately we don’t have any plans to move beyond GHCR for hosting of open source Linkerd images.

Of course anyone is welcome to set up such a registry for the community. I’ll also note that Buoyant does provide some alternatives for its enterprise Linkerd customers, but ultimately even in those cases we strongly encourage production users to set up a local registry that they have control over rather than incurring a unnecessary deploy-time dependency.

Thanks for the follow-up, William. We’ll continue to investigate our options.