Running linkerd viz on VMware TKGI

I’m attempting to run linkerd on a k8s cluster managed by VMware TKGI.
Linkerd itself seems to install fine and all checks pass.

However, after installing linkerd viz, I get the following error when running linkerd viz check.

FailedDiscoveryCheck: failing or missing response from bad status from 400
    see for hints

Additionally, when calling kubectl api-resources I get the following error…

error: unable to retrieve the complete list of server APIs: the server is currently unable to handle the request

…and kubectl get apiservice shows the following.                linkerd-viz/tap              False (FailedDiscoveryCheck)

Has anyone succeeded in running linkerd viz on a TKGI K8s cluster?

I have attempted to follow the tips from Troubleshooting | Linkerd, which suggest problems with K8s aggregation layer configuration. Unfortunately, what I needed to perform that configuration does not appear to be “user serviceable” in TKGI and VMware support has not been overly helpful. Is there additional logs or something I can grab to help convince support (and myself, for that matter) that the problem is with the agg layer configuration?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Are there any specific logs I can look at in linkerd/viz to further identify this problem?