Installed tap not working Linkerd 2.14

Hi everyone,

After installing linkerd-viz and using the internal prometheus I can see the golden metrics in the dashboard. The issue we are now experiencing is that we can’t use tap.

In the logging of the tap pod I see the following errors:
2024/04/18 11:35:22 http: TLS handshake error from EOF

Thanks in advance for the help.

Looks like an mTLS cert mismatch error between the linkerd-viz components and the data plane proxy you’re trying to tap. Does reloading/restarting the data plane proxy pod have any effect?

Thanks for the information. I got it working by following the following link. Automatically Rotating Control Plane TLS Credentials | Linkerd

I had the certificates in the installation of linkerd hardcoded in the configuration (For experimentation purposes) but did not have them installed when installing Linkerd-viz.