Multi-cluster setup guide for flat network mode

Is there a guide explaining how to set up 2 or more clusters using flat network mode ? This guide Installing Multi-cluster Components | Linkerd only seems to cover the hierarchal case

@Tuee have you had a look at our pod-to-pod walkthrough? Setting up flat network mode is the same as multicluster (with the added exception that you can skip the gateway if you want to; it’s also fine to leave it in).

Once the extension is installed and clusters are linked, you just have to export your services in a different mode (by default using the label

Perfect thanks ! I’ll take a stab at following the guide and post any questions I encounter. Thanks again !

Actually one question : any specific advice for the situation where a VPN is the primary tool for networking geographically desperate clusters together ?

A few questions for this come to mind:

  1. Would certain kinds of VPNs be more useful than other specifically for linkerd ?
  2. What are the pros and cons of hosting the VPN on one of the meshed linkderd clusters, vs a standalone k8s cluster, vs vanilla VMs ?
  3. I am specifically considering running Netmaker using this HA helm chart GitHub - gravitl/netmaker-helm; would love some feedback on whether this is a good or bad plan for multicluster linkerd.

I’m really not a networking expert at all, before I did my CKA course I literally didn’t know what a gateway or subnet was, so please forgive the ask for handholding here !