Linkerd Check as an API call?

The linkerd check is very useful, especially linkerd mc check for the multicluster setup is very useful for me. However, running as a CLI restricts the automation option. Is there an API (preferably rest based) which can be called to do this exact checks and returns the results in json just like linkerd mc check -o json returns?
If there are client libs (in whatever language) doing the same also will be a good alternative.
I plan to run this as a k8s cron-job

Checks are run on the calling side, usually calling the kube-api, so there’s no server from which to serve a REST interface in this case. Neither is there a supported public API you could consume for this, but you could scavenge the check code for public functions you could reuse. But IMO the easiest here would be to just pack the CLI command into an image in your k8s cron job, call it via a bash script checking for a clean run, and making sure the Job uses a service account with enough access to the kube-api.