Linkerd Failing in CronJobs inspite of right annotations and config

hi Everyone this is in regards to the open source project we are developing which uses linkerd across stateful and stateless apps. What we have encountered as part of performance layer -that uses k6 → k6 operator does cronjobs and i do understand the configs required for cronjobs → Graceful Pod Shutdown | Linkerd. But the problem is the test does not start. There are couple of cronjobs in k6 architecture where it uses initialiser , starter and then runner (all of them are cronjobs). the jobs do not even start they fail with following errors " 0: invalid peer certificate: Expired error.sources=[invalid peer certificate: Expired]
2023-12-30T20:03:03.086712818Z [ 117.589684s] INFO ThreadId(02) daemon:admin{listen.addr=}: linkerd_app_inbound::policy::http: Request denied server.kind=default route.kind=default client.tls=None(NoClientHello) client.ip=
2023-12-30T20:03:03.086788403Z [ 117.589835s] INFO ThreadId(02) daemon:admin{listen.addr=}:rescue{client.addr=}: linkerd_app_core::errors::respond: HTTP/1.1 request failed error=unauthorized request on route
2023-12-30T20:03:03.413573005Z [ 117.917875s] WARN ThreadId(01) watch{port=6565}:controller{addr=linkerd-policy.unoplat-service-mesh.svc.cluster.local:8090}:endpoint{addr=}: linkerd_reconnect: Failed to connect error=endpoint invalid peer certificate: Expired error.sources=[invalid peer certificate: Expired]" also also the certificates are not expired linkerd check returns everything green.

Hey team happy to provide more details if required.