Unable to install BEL linkerd-viz

After upgrading Linkerd to enterprise-2.15.2, the new pods in linkerd-viz are unable to pull the following images:


What can I do about this?



This appears to be a bug potentially. We’ve managed to reproduce internally and are engaging the eng team atm. linkerd-viz should not be pulling enterprise images, but it looks like the updated enterprise CLI is not differentiating between OSS components like viz (which don’t have an enterprise analogoue at the moment) and enterprise components like crds, control plane, multicluster…etc.

Edit: To get around it for the time being you can run linkerd viz install --set linkerdVersion=stable-2.14.10 | kubectl apply -f - which will get you unblocked while we fix the issue on our end.

Thanks, that did the trick! Let me know when the issue is fixed on your end!