Connection Refused Error in linkerd proxy container

There is error in proxy container as shown below. Though it is info, does it have any impact to the other areas of linkerd working? I checked the mTLS using viz and there is mTLS between services.

[ 9780.706102s] INFO ThreadId(01) outbound:proxy{addr=}:service{ns= name=service port=0}:endpoint{addr=}:rescue{client.addr=}: linkerd_app_core::errors::respond: HTTP/1.1 request failed error=endpoint error trying to connect: Connection refused (os error 111) error.source

I believe this is simply saying that Linkerd was asked to proxy a connection to a service at but it couldn’t connect to that service. This would not affect any aspect of Linkerd working. Since port 9411 is a Zipkin port, I am guessing that the app tried to report a span to Zipkin but either Zipkin wasn’t there or was temporarily unavailable.