Comparison of latency

Hello, when I checked Benchmarking Linkerd and Istio: 2021 Redux | Linkerd this article, and also when I did the same test I got a similar result. The problem is that I do not understand the result of the latency of 200 RPS in Linkerd is higher than the latency of 2000 RPS. Why? If RPS is high latency should be higher also? Could someone explain? Thank you!

Hi @ipek . So you are saying that you reran these tests and found similar results, including the weirdness where at 200rps was higher than at 2000rps? Can you tell us about your setup? What kind of hardware and network? Which versions of Linkerd did you test?


I do not have the same results but similar ones. I have 4 CPU 4 gb ram, Ubuntu 22.04, Client version: stable-2.14.0
Server version: stable-2.14.0
I user VMware on my machine. I use network adapter as a NAT. So in that case not always we have high latency and high result as I see also.