Basic question I create a server but it's not restricting traffic

Hi I am trying to block traffic to my service by creating a server. I have created a server like so

kubectl apply -f - <<EOF
kind: Server
  namespace: ma-int
  name: resolve-grpc
    name: resolve
      name: resolve
  port: grpc
  proxyProtocol: gRPC

however all traffic is still going through. I am just trying to set up a security test so after this create a ServerAuthroization but no need for that since it’s no blocking any traffic. Any ideas what I am doing wrong or how I can debug this?

Oh one more thing everything was installed recently everything is default.

One more thing when I run this command
kubectl get pods -l name=resolve
it returns my pod

when I run this command
linkerd viz authz -n ma-int deploy/resolve
I don’t see anything other then defult.

Just to confirm, are the resolve pods meshed?

they are meshed I put the linker annotation ( enabled) in the deployment.yml they show as meshed in the dashboard. I am not sure what it could be

One other thing to check. Is the grpc port you listed in the Server also listed in the base pod spec? For complicated reasons the Server only considers ports in the pod spec.

thank you that worked.