Upgrading from Linkerd 2.14 to BEL 2.15.4 running on a custom namespace gives error

Hello all,

We have used Linkerd Stable 2.14 but installed our CRD’s and controlplane in a custom namespace named l12m-linkerd.

We now want to upgrade to version 2.15 of BEL and we get now the error “Namespace must be ‘linkerd’”

I see this error is being generated by the NOTES.txt file in the helmchart. What is the reason that this is obligatory in BEL and not in the opensource version of Linkerd? It’s for us important to be able to customize the namespace to differentiate client namespaces and our own.

Is there something I’m missing? Is there a way I can ignore this NOTES.txt file in flux?

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,

I believe this is to simplify a lot of the configuration that the lifecycle operator needs to perform its duties. If you want to skip the lifecycle automation aspect, I would try just removing that section and seeing if everything else works normally, though you’ll be going off the golden path in that case.