Strange proxy span duration


I’ve got a setup with an ingress-nginx, Linkerd 2.14 and VOD service (based on GitHub - kaltura/nginx-vod-module: NGINX-based MP4 Repackager). The VOD service after receiving a request does a few subrequests to the source video file and returns the response.

I enabled tracing on the ingress-nginx and Linkerd. The traces are pushed via OpenTelemetry collector into Grafana Tempo.

The spans I’m getting from some Linkerd proxies are strange.

On the trace I get, I see the span from ingress-nginx, spans from the request done from ingress to the VOD service and the spans from the subrequests to the source video file. The strange thing is that I would expect the spans from the ingress to the VOD service to end after the last subrequest span.

Did somebody encounter a similar situation?