Service publishing - HTTPRoute and Ingress

Hello, i cant find example of publishing service with Linkerd mesh (always seeing port-forward in examples). With Istio we have gateway on each we can redirect all trafic and order it from there. How it should be done in Linkerd environment? I see there are HTTPRoutes which looks making same stuff like gateway configuration on istio but not sure if it is what im looking for. I know there are 3rd party Igress solutions but wont they duplicate HTTPRoute features or they are for different purposes? How should i properly publish service and redirect external traffic to pods with Linkerd?

Hey @holo! Linkerd won’t “publish” your service as it doesn’t include a gateway component. You can add an ingress rule that’s appropriate for your ingress solution, so a ingress for nginx, a mapping for Ambassador Edge Stack, or an HTTPRoute for a gateway api compliant ingress. I hope that helps!