Linkerd config for IPVS loadbalancig mode in AKS Cluster

I have AKS Azure Cluster setup bades on Zaure Linux Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS (running on 5.15.0-1054-azure image and containerd://1.7.7-1 container runtime). I have switched to IPVS mode on this cluster, restarted pods and all is working fine. Linkerd is also installed on this cluster.

And, now my question is: how to switch Linkerd to work with IPVS? By default it has option:iptablesMode: legacy. - so it works on IpTables still.

I have read that mix of IpTables and IPVS will may cause some delays in serving reqs.

I have checked over internet and some say it is possible but do not show how to do it. Chat GTP suggests like follows:

Linkerd can be configured to run in IPVS (IP Virtual Server) mode (…) Linkerd supports IPVS mode as an alternative to using the traditional iptables-based proxy mode. Running Linkerd in IPVS mode can offer benefits such as improved performance and scalability, especially in large-scale Kubernetes clusters with a high volume of traffic.To configure Linkerd to use IPVS mode, you need to specify the appropriate configuration settings in Linkerd’s control plane configuration. This typically involves setting the proxy mode to ipvs and configuring other parameters related to IPVS behaviour.

And Configmap is shown:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: linkerd-config
  proxy: |
      port: 4191
      enabled: true

I am not sure if it’s not gonna destroy my current config.

Kubernetes config for proxy mode (iptables, ipvs or nftables) determines how kube-proxy routes traffic directed to services clusterIPs into pod IPs. Linkerd uses its own discovery mechanism to route traffic from meshed clients to the target pod IPs and thus doesn’t rely on kube-proxy. Whether you’re using iptables or ipvs in kube-proxy doesn’t affect linkerd. What you need to check is whether your nodes support iptables-legacy or iptables-nft to set linkerd’s proxyInit.iptablesMode setting accordingly.
And btw that chatgpt answer is totally misleading and that config totally bogus…

thanks for detailed answer!