Does Linkerd support Event Driven Messaging services?

I have a service that is a Kafka topic consumer, and it also has some rest endpoints.
While processing Kafka events, it sends requests to another service in the same cluster.
But when Linkerd proxy receives a shutdown signal, it immediately closes all in/out connections. But the main container is still trying to process the remaining events(from the last batch poll), but it fails with the following error:
I/O error on GET request for \“http://common-data-services/individual/c352e52a34e2cfb6b296cee6314552a1\“: Connect to common-data-services:80 [common-data-services/] failed: Connection refused (Connection refused)
I checked options like --wait-before-exit, but we need some dynamic solution, like waiting until the main container has been stopped and only after that stop linkerd-proxy.

You may want to consider using linkerd await --shutdown in the main container as a mechanism to shut down the proxy only after the main container has completed.

Thanks, Eliza, for your reply.
We eventually implemented it using --wait-before-exit.
We set --wait-before-exit to be equal to terminationGracePeriodSeconds, so that the proxy will be alive till the k8s decides to kill our service container. And in the next iteration we are planning to add linkerd await --shutdown, just to terminate proxy once the main container is already terminated.