After upgrading the AKS to 1.25.6 from 1.24.6 , then few linkerd (CHART :- linkerd2-2.8.1 APP VERSION :- stable-2.8.1) containers crashed

MS team recommended upgrading the version . And I am using helm to upgrade it.
From the linkerd page I come to know that Jump only one major version . In our case it was running with 2.8.x , So I was trying to upgrade 2.9.x .

I have added the repo,

c:\kubectl\windows-amd64>helm repo list

I am looking to upgrade the below linkerd version ,
name chart version App version
linkerd/linkerd2 2.9.5 stable-2.9.5

I was trying to upgrade it from windows Azure CLI prompt , using the below command and getting error.
:>helm upgrade linkerd linkerd/linkerd2 --version 2.9.4 --atomic

I tried to install linkerd-crds but that also failed.

command used. " helm install linkerd-crds linkerd/linkerd-crds -n linkerd "
Appreciate your help .
I am new to this ,

Hey @itsabhipaul I have good news and bad news. The good news is you can find all the steps you need to follow here. The bad news is you’re about 6 versions out of date and the Linkerd versions and the Kubernetes versions may not all play well together.

IMO you have 2 options. You can remove and reinstall Linkerd at the latest version, and work through any incompatibilities you have, or you can step through the upgrades 1 at a time by following the relevant links on that page. Regardless of what you do you’ll want to read through the release notes at every version. Linkerd 2.10 made some significant changes to the way Linkerd behaves and what is included with the core control plane. Linkerd 2.12 changed the charts we use, and is where that install CRDs step came from.

Good luck and please don’t hesitate to reach out to Buoyant if you’re looking for more help. Buoyant’s commercial offerings have a Linkerd Operator that can automate your upgrades so it’s easier to stay up to date.

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